Pond Skim & Deck Party


Sunday, April 2nd

LIVE MUSIC on the Back Deck
by JAH
 SPIRIT from 1-4pm!


BBQ & Bar from 11am-4pm

It is hard to believe that the season is nearing its end, but Wachusett isn't ready to give in just yet! This is your chance to go out with a Bang... or should we say, SPLASH!!

In addition to the always entertaining Pond Skim, we'll also have a delicious OUTDOOR BBQ, LIVE MUSIC on the back deck, and of course, some great spring skiing and riding!

Registration: 11:00 - 11:45am (Main Lobby)

 $10 Entry Fee ($5 for employees)
*you MUST wear a costume to compete


Pond Skimming: 12:00am - 2:00pm

Can you make it across? Judges will determine who wins based on a numbered 1-10 (30 point) scoring system! Participants will ski or ride down the "Competition Zone" at the base of Ralph's Run and attempt to skim across our Polar Pond. Not only will you be judged on your ability to make it across the pond, but your presentation, style, and crowd appeal!!

Costume Contest

Compete in the Pond Skimming event while wearing the craziest costume you can come up with and win some awesome prizes! Some costume suggestions are: The Easter Bunny, Superman, the classic Chicken Suit, and whatever else you can dream up!

Prize Categories:

Best Run (Male/Female/16 & Under)
Best Costume
Best Splash

*You must be at least 56 inches tall to compete


BBQ & Bar 11am-4pm