Rail Jam


Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Check out the 2012 YouTube Video:

Join us for our annual Fun In The Sun Rail Jam during our HUGE Columbus Day Ski & Snowboard Sale & Swap event as we look ahead to the coming winter season. Test yourself on multiple features and see how well you've maintained your skills from last season.

Registration begins at 10:00am with the Rail Jam Starts at 11:00am.

Divisions: OPEN Division (skiers and snowboarders compete together)

Prizes: Merchandise and CASH Prizes!

All competitors - $10

All contestants must sign a WAIVER and must wear a helmet.

If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver. (We will not accept phone calls made on the day of the event if you forget -form must be signed or parent must be present). The cost to watch is FREE!


2012 Results

Pro Ski Division:
1st Place: Rob Dresser
2nd Place: Colin Delaney
3rd Place: Meghan Clinton (Women's Ski Winner as well)
4th Place: David Baird

Pro Board Division:
1st Place: Nicholas Revelli
2nd Place: Travis Cullison
3rd Place: Alec Harpin

Amateur Ski Division:
1st Place: Kyle
2nd Place: Quinn Tevlin
3rd Place: Brandon OConnor
4th Place: Nathan Ramsay

Amateur Board Division:
1st Place: Jesse Worthington
2nd Place: Robby George
3rd Place: Tony Esposito
4th Place: Kirkland Connill & Nicholas Fernandez

Women's Ski Division:
1st Place: Meghan Clinton
2nd Place: Britt Ambruson

Women's Board Division:
1st Place: Sarah Gibbons





While you're at the Rail Jam, be sure to check out the Columbus Day Weekend Swap and Sale!

Trade in your old gear and earn cash or COW to put towards new gear!