Helmet Head Contest


As part of National Safety Awareness Month, Wachusett is holding a 2 part Helmet Contest!

Here's how it works:
Visit Wachusett, ski or ride with your helmet to show you're being safety conscious, then:

Part 1: Snap a photo of your crazy "helmet hair" when you take off your helmet
Part 2: Snap a photo of your "helmet swag" including stickers, lights and anything that makes you stand out in the crowd

Sumbit your photos to web@wachusett.com with your name, the date and what type of helmet you were wearing. The top photos will be posted on our Facebook page for all to see and the winners will receive a $50 COW card for each part of the contest.

Entries only accepted until January 31st, 2015 and must be skiing/riding at Wachusett to enter.

Have fun, be safe and remember #HelmetsAreCool!

Here are some past submissions for inspiration...

 Congrats to our 2015 winner Bobby Tobin!