Polar Kids FAQ

Polar Kids FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Polar Kids program at Wachusett Mountain.

Should my child learn to SKI or SNOWBOARD? Snowboarding can depend on your child's age or weight but we do offer Polar Kids Snowboarding instruction and rentals in addition to ski instruction and rentals.

Why do I have to arrive so early? Please try to arrive 1 1/2 hours prior to the lesson. The earlier you get here the better.  If you need rental equipment, we need time to size your child and set their skis/snowboard for them. The number one reason is so we can get everyone through the registration process and get the classes started on time. We strive to start classes promptly. Getting everyone through registration early helps us to do that.

What should I do when I arrive at Wachusett Mountain? Use the door near the rental ramp and come directly to Polar Kids. We will take care of everything there for you.

What does my child need to wear? Your child should be dressed appropriately for the day and weather. Dress in layers! Good gloves or mittens are highly recommended. You may want to consider bringing an extra change of clothes if it is wet out. Doing so will make for a much more comfortable ride home.

Does my child need a helmet? Helmets are not required but recommended and available to rent upon request.

What does a typical day at Polar Kids entail?
Arrival and Registration Procedures:
When you arrive at Polar Kids you will be given a number and reservation sheet (if you made reservations).  You can then go to the  registration desk, sign in, choose a lunch (full day lessons only), receive matching ID tags, Polar Kids bib and pay for the program.**Polar Kids is a NUT FREE Zone.  If you bring your child's lunch, please refrain from any peanut products.**

Rental Procedures:
Take your rental contract and child to the Polar Den rental fitting area. After you have been fitted for boots you will find the skis in a wooden rack that is located just inside the back door. Your child's name will be written on the tip of the ski in large letters. Snowboards will be given to you at the exit. All ski & snowboard rentals must be returned to the wooden rack by 4:00 p.m. that day. Boots must be returned to the same location you received them.

Pre-Lesson Information: On Weekends and Holidays after sign-in, go to the Polar Playground located at the base of the Polar Express Chair Lift. You will see a blue fence with a large gateway. Instructors will greet you at the entrance and take your child to the appropriate group. Weekday lessons will meet at the top of the Polar Den back door, stairs. Once your child is with an instructor, you are free to go.

Will my child ride a chair lift? Riding a chair lift depends on your child's level. If your child is Level III or higher they will certainly ride the chairlift. If your child is in a lower level and the class can turn and stop safely, the instructor may bring them on the chairlift as part of the lesson so they can advance to the next level.

Do the classes take breaks? This is at the discretion of the instructor. Breaks are not mandatory and sometimes depend on the weather, the group's ability and snow conditions.

Can I watch my child's lesson? You may certainly watch your child's lesson, but we ask that you do so from a distance. On weekends watch from outside the Polar Playground fence.  For your safety and that of others, please don't stand or walk on trails.

Pick-Up/Check-Out Procedures:
Pick-up is at the Polar Kids Den at 12:00 p.m. for morning lessons and 3:30 p.m. for afternoon or full day lessons. You and your child MUST go through our check-out process with matching ID cards! NO ONE will be allowed to leave with a child if they do not display the correct ID number. NO CHILD WILL BE RELEASED ON THE HILL.  We request that a parent/guardian stay on the premisis while the child is in lesson.

For more information or if you have other questions please feel free to contact Polar Kids at 978-464-2300 x 3304.