Donation Requests

We receive many requests from numerous worthwhile organizations. Our goal is to fulfill as many requests as possible, but due to the overwhelming number of requests received, we are unable to support every organization with donations.  We NOW have 3 ways to assist your fundraising efforts:

  • Join Our Online Coupon Code Program – best opportunity to raise cash for your organization
  • Submit an In-Kind Donation Request – all other requests (lift tickets, season passes, mountain suites, etc.) for auction donations
  • Host a fundraising event at the mountain – consider hosting your own special event.

    Please indicate if your organization already participates in our Group Trips, GPS or Student Group programs. 

Coupon Code Program:
Instead of asking for a one-time lift ticket donation for your fund-raising efforts, you have an opportunity to earn dollars for your organization for the entire winter season through our new Donation Discount Program.  Last season, 12 organizations raised more than $56,000 through this program.  To participate, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Submit your request:  Coupon Code Request Form
  2. If approved, your organization will be granted a special $5-off discounted rate
  3. Your organization will be issued a designated coupon code authorizing the purchase of the discounted tickets and Learn to Turn beginner packages available only through Wachusett’s ecommerce store
  4. Your organization will designate a start and end date giving members access to the special discounted sale price
  5. Users select the date during the current ski season and receive the discounted rate on lift tickets and Learn to Turns- the beginner program.
  6.  During the designated period, your organizations code will earn $10 for your charity for every lift ticket sold
  7. Promote your coupon- use all your resources- Facebook, Twitter -- you can even create a free poster - HERE

For In-kind requests:
All requests must be made through our online donation request form.   Due to the high volume, we will no longer accept requests via telephone, fax, email or mail. We support organizations that are important to our customers, with a focus on Health & Fitness; Sports & Recreation; Environmental Issues and Children & Schools.

Please Note:

  1. Request of donations from existing Season Pass holders and GPS group members will be given priority review. (If you are not a current Season Pass holder or GPS group member, click here)
  2. Due to limited resources, we are only able to support organizations operating in New England. Only 1 donation request will be granted per organization per calendar year. If your donation request is considered, please be aware that we may not be able to issue you exactly what you asked for.
  3. Requests MUST be received at least six (6) weeks prior to the date of your event.
  4. We do not verbally deny or commit to donate; all correspondence will be via email. Correspondence will be sent via email no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.
  5. All requests are subject to approval by Wachusett Mountain Associates

Fundraising Events:
If your charitable organization is interested in hosting an event at Wachusett Mountain, please contact Melissa Banks in our Corporate Sales & Function Department.  Please note that available dates for fundraising events may be limited.  Corporate Outings and Meetings Info