NASTAR Recreational Racing

NASTAR racing is a fun, recreational racing program open to all ages and ability levels. It's one of the best ways to build confidence while improving your skills.  You don't have to be a hot skier or boarder to enjoy the thrill of going through a NASTAR course. You will enjoy the excitement and healthy competition. If you've never tried it, it's passed time that you did - so Go For The Gold! 

Racers qualify for Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum medals based on the NASTAR National Handicap System for age and gender.

Course Hours:
Non-Holiday: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 11 a.m.*
Holiday Periods: Monday thru Friday starting at 11 a.m.

Please note that there will be NO DAY NASTAR on Friday, February 27th due to the Ralph Crowley Classic. The Ralph Crowley Classic is open to the public if you would like to race that day. More details can be found on the Ralph Crowley Classic Page listed under Events & Activities/Racing at Wachusett.

Additional dates when Day NASTAR will be closed to the public include:
Saturday, February 28
Sunday, March 1
Wednesday, March 4
Saturday & Sunday, March 7 & 8
Saturday & Sunday, March 14 & 15

Two (2) timed runs: $8
Unlimited runs per day: $12
NASTAR Season pass: $129
Race League, Seniors, DEV Team and WMRT members: $99

*Race Schedule Subject to change