Friday February 26th 2021
Double your runs, double your fun – AND double your chances for winning!!  All by entering the Ralph Crowley/Masters race scheduled for Friday, February 26th!!

Interested in just racing the Crowley?  Then sign up at Customer Service for the Ralph Crowley Classic to be included in the 1st run of our race down Smith Walton on Feb 26th. 

Interested in racing 2 runs down Smith Walton and being eligible for prizes in both the Crowley AND the New England Masters race?  Then sign up for the Masters Race at Customer Service and you are automatically entered in BOTH races!  Another bonus for our racers - This is not a USSS sanctioned event, so there is NO requirement to sign up for a day license for USSS.  Simply register at Customer Service for the race and you are good to go

Ralph Crowley Classic Only (1st Run only)  - $19 for Pass Holders, $39 for non-Pass Holders
New England Masters Race (Combined 2 runs- Includes the Crowley)  - $39 for Pass Holders, $55 for Non-Pass Holders
Day of race pricing…  Add $10 to all above pricing

Includes all day lift ticket, race entry and awards presentation.



Course Inspection: 

Race Start: