Live in the Coppertop

Join us in the Coppertop Lounge every Thursday thru Sunday for live music. Whether you hit the slopes or join us for drinks and dinner in the Black Diamond, you're welcome to stay for some great tunes by a variety of local artists and bands.


Scheduled Appearances... more to be added!

Feb 16:  Mike O’Connell and Friends (8-10pm) 
Feb 17: Grand Evolution (4- 6pm) 
Feb 18: Jon Short (3-5pm) 
Feb 20: Hot Mess (8-10pm)
Feb 21: Hoodoo Revelator (8-10pm)
Feb 22: The Hip Swayers (8-10pm) 
Feb 23: Three Day Threshold (8-10pm)
Feb 24: Pete Towler (4-6pm) 
Feb 27: The HouseTones
Feb 28: Cara Brindisi (8-10pm)

March 1: Nicole D’Amico & Jay Kelley
March 2: Jah Spirit 
March 3: Dan Kirouac (4-6pm)
March 4: Dan Kirouac (4-6pm) 
March 6: Rich Murphy (8-10pm) 
March 7:  Bruce Jacques (8- 10pm) 
March 8: The Crushers (8-10pm) 
March 9: Mychael David Blues (8-10pm) 
March 10:  Mychael David Band (8 to 10pm)
March 14: Rock House (6-8pm)
March 15: Tony Soul Project (6-8pm) 
March 16: A Ton of Blues (8-10pm)
March 17: Boogie Chillin' 

Jack's Abby Tuesdays: 7-9pm in the Black Diamond.
Free Stein Mug with purchase of any Jack's Abby Beer! 

Wormtown Wednesdays:7-9 in the Coppertop.
Come enjoy a Wormtown beer with the brewery crew and make your own hat!

Wachusett Brewery Thursdays: 7-9 in the Black Diamond