10th Mountain Division Rededication

10th Mountain Division Rededication Ceremony

Friday, February 23


Honoring the Past, Linking the Future

The 10th Mountain Division Returns To New England!Join the Soldiers of C Battery 1st Battalion 101st Field Artillery Regiment at Wachusett Mountain as we honor the history, heroism, and legacy of the United States Army's famed 10th Mountain Division.

The public is invited to witness our Mountain Soldiers in action in a public display of skills as they downhill ski and demonstrate military mountaineering techniques. Equipment used by both modern and WWII Mountain Soldiers will be on display, to include a M777A2 155mm Towed Howitzer. Feel free to engage with our Soldiers and learn about our unit, capabilities, history, as well as their individual experiences and expertise, then be sure to join them on the slopes throughout the day!

Military Service Members and their immediate family members receive:
$15 off lift tickets and rentals.
A valid form of ID must be presented at Customer Service when purchasing.

Schedule of Events:

7:00-8:00 - Arrival and Set-up

8:00-5:00 - Static display of equipment, howitzer, truck, clothing, etc

8:00-5:00 - ongoing showing the 10th Mountain Documentary "The Last Ridge"

9:00-10:30 - Soldiers Hike up the mountain

10:30-10:50 - Soldiers ski down the mountain in attire (photo opp)

11:00-12:00 - Rededication Ceremony (film & photo)

1:00-3:00 - Military Mountaineering Display at Bullock Lodge Area

1:00-4:00 - Soldiers Ski the Mountain with guests

4:30-5:00 - Breakdown and head out

Event Descriptions:

10th Mountain Division Documentary: The Last Ridge (1 Hour Documentary): The Uphill Battles of the 10th Mountain Division documents the remarkable achievements of the group of soldiers whose work in the Mountains of Italy not only helped the Allied forces when the Second World War, but also inadvertently changed the history of winter sports.


Howitzer Static Display: A M777A2 155mm Towed Howitzer will be on display as well an M1093 FMTV (Family of Military Tactical Vehicles). Visitors are encouraged to touch and view equipment. Children are more than welcome to sit in the truck as well. Other military mountaineering equipment will be on hand to showcase our mountaineering mission.

Military Mountaineering Display: 10th Mountain Division Mountaineers (graduates of the Army Mountain Warfare School in Jericho, Vermont) will be on hand to demonstrate mountaineering techniques for high angle rescue, equipment hauling, and basic rappelling.

WII 10th Mountain Division Uniforms and Equipment Display: An representative of the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division will be present with a complete WWII 10th Mountain uniform with skis, poles, rucksack, etc. as well as full combat gear that was used during the Italian campaign.

Re-Dedication Ceremony: To include guest speakers from the 10th Mountain Division, Massachusetts Army National Guard, National Association of the 10th Mountain Division New England Chapter, and anyone from Wachusett that would like to speak.


A little background information on the 10th Mountain Division:

The 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) is a light infantry division in the United States Army based at Fort Drum, New York. The division is a subordinate unit of the XVIII Airborne Corps. Originally constituted as a unique mountain warfare unit, the division was the only unit of its size in the U.S. Army to specialize in fighting in mountainous and arctic conditions, thus earning the division the “MOUNTAIN” tab. Today, the division retains its “mountain” designation for historical purposes and is organized as a light infantry division.


Since our 2016 re-patching ceremony, The 1st Battalion, 101st Field Artillery Regiment, Massachusetts Army National Guard, has recognized the unit’s recent affiliation with the 10th Mountain Division as part of the Army’s Associated Units Program. The program establishes formal relationships between identified units across the Active Army, Army Reserve and the Army National Guard that would allow those units to train together before deployment.

The 101st has been associated with the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team from the Vermont Army National Guard for years and the units deployed to Afghanistan together. Now, both units have been associated with the 10th Mountain Division, stationed in Fort Drum, New York.

Climb To Glory!