Custom Foot Beds

Custom Insoles 

Many customers refer to all molded insoles as orthodics, and while they may look similar to what you podiatrist prescribes for you, what we craft is an insole, molded to the contours of the bottom of your foot, fit to your ski or snowboard boots. The purpose of a custom molded insole to ensure a 100% positive link between you and the snow. Call and ask for any one of the boot tech’s and we can discuss how we can make a good boot fit even better.

  • Who needs custom insoles? Everyone can benefit from some level of supportive insole. The insole provided in most new boots are insufficient to support the foot in the aggressive motions that winter sports require. Most boot problems of discomfort and cold are rooted in poor or incorrect support.
  • What are they? We replace what is in your boots now with an insole that will work with, instead of against, the structure your feet. The molding process from start of the evaluation to finished product in your boots takes about 2 hours. Usually we can accomplish this while you wait by appointment, or many customers do it over two sessions, with basic molding done first and then a return trip for the final fit check after we’ve constructed the insole.
  • The goal is to provide a better link to your boots with the custom molding process, which will result in a more confident skier or rider, as you are now more balanced and supported.

We offer three levels of insoles to enhance your skiing or riding:

This  is good replacement for all novice and intermediate boots.
A solid support insole with a minimal amount of time needed to adapt to boots.
Full Custom Insole
This is the heat molded, foam supported custom insole, constructed by trained technicians
    $129.95 to

Email [email protected] or call 978-464-2626 for your appointment.

Performance Options 
We can do amazing things to boots. Grind, punch, stretch or blowout to get the right fit. Stance alignments, cant, lift, soften, stiffen, to help you find that extra hidden speed. Choosing the right model is just the start. We are a certified race center for Rossignol, Nordica, Atomic, Tecnica and Fischer Boots, and have earned a reputation with locals, instructors, experts and racers for having the technology needed to get the fit right. Bring us your feet we’ll help you find your potential.