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The Boot Fitting Process

Your boots are the key to enjoying your winter season on the slopes. You might be surprised how much time we spend with you before we even bring a boot out for you to try on. We evaluate the shape of your foot, the flexibility or rigidity in your foot and ankle joints, discuss past boot issues, skill level, expectations and budget. Only then will we present some models for you. Our job is to match the shape of your foot to the available options. Adults or kids, novice or racer, we take the time to ensure your success. A good fit is just the start. We have the skills to enhance your balance, flex and angles on snow. These performance options are based on bio-mechanical principals that are the stock and trade for a successful boot fitter. Our reputation rides on your enjoyment.

Here are our five steps to ensure you get a great fit. We take our time and guarantee you’ll be comfortable on the snow. In reality there are no bad boots, just bad boot fitters.

  1. Be prepared to answer questions about skill level, past boot issues, expectations for new boot purchase etc. Bring us your old boots.
  2. Insist your boot fitter measures your feet (you'll be surprised to know how many boot fitters don’t do this) to determine length, width and arch length. Then examine your foot inside the boot shell without the liner to ensure the correct length. This is critical to a successful outcome.
  3. Expect that your toes will touch the front of the boot upon initial fit; the boot will feel different after three or four minutes in them. Initially a boot should fit snugger than a casual shoe purchase. It’s easy for us to make a boot bigger and it is next to impossible to make a boot smaller.
  4. Expect to spend an hour or more in the store exploring more than one model and size. Don’t rush to judgment. Shop when the store is less busy, such as weekdays and weeknights. 
  5. Do a little bit of homework. Check out our boot lingo translation guide. We work hard to speak in plain langue, but sometime our techno talk creeps into the conversation, so this will help us all be on the same page.


Boot Fit Guarantee

We don’t cut corners; our guarantee ensures you’ll be fitted correctly for comfort and performance.

Custom Insoles
We can make a good boot fit even better. Every skier and rider performs better just by adding these little beauties under your foot. Give us your feet for an hour we’ll change your life.

Women’s Boots
We stock as many women’s models as men’s and we train our
boot staff to understand the finer points of fitting boots to women’s feet. The women on our test team include some of the most confident and powerful athletes on the mountain who demand our respect for the skill level they have attained. 

Contact us for a boot fit appointment... bring your feet we’ll do the rest!


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