Service Shop & Rates

We at MTNside understand that a ski or snowboard performs best when well tuned. Our on-mountain Service Center staff will tune up your equipment and get you back out on the slopes carving turns and catching air better than ever before.

The Works $49.95
Includes Base work, side & base edge sharpening, (done on Big Blue Zoom, our state-of-the-art robotic machine) minor Ptex work to fill in any large scratches & Wax

Sharpe & Smooth $39.95
Includes Base work, Side & Base edge sharpening, Wax

Pit Stop $21.95
Base work (done on belt machine), Wax

Wax Only $10.95

Binding Adjustment $21.95

Binding Mount $39.95

Binding Mount With purchase of ski from MTNside $19.95