What's Your Skill Level

What's Your Skill Level?

BEGINNER (first time):

Level 1: Has never skied or boarded.
Level 2: Has tried but has not used a chairlift.

Level 3: Can turn in both directions using our easiest lifts.
Level 4: Is starting to ski and board faster, using good turning and stopping skills.  Can use our Monadnock chairlift.

Level 5: 
Starting to use our blue square trails. Can use our Minuteman chairlift and trails.
Level 6:  Rhythm, good timing and body movements to carve turns.
Level 7:  Terrain use is more varied. Skiers' skis are parallel. Boarders are confident and comfortable.

Level 8: Turns are strong, precise and carved.  Skis and rides our black diamond trails while maintaining control and speed.
Level 9: This person is comfortable in bumps, powder, hard snow and steep terrain. Turns can be carved in all conditions.

What's your Skier Type?  When renting equipment you will be asked for your "type".  What's the difference?  The Skier Ability, listed above, helps us determine how to instruct you best.  The Skier Type tells us how to adjust the bindings on your skis-- the DNN setting.  View Skier Type