Dog Policy

We love dogs...but not always!

  • We only love Service Dogs during our paid admission events. (FarmFresh, KidsFest, AppleFest, BBQFest, OktoberFest, Food Fest)
    • Our Service Dog Policy is on file at the Customer Service Desk.
  • We allow dogs at our non-paid admission events but we ask dogs (and owners) play by the rules:
    • Dogs must be attached to a human by a leash when walking around the grounds.
    • Leashes are permitted in the base lodge but dogs are not.
    • If your dog needs to poop, you must scoop!
    • If your dog needs to pee, please find a tree!
    • Chairlift rides are for humans only!
  • Service dog or non-service dog, we don’t really love any non-friendly dogs at any event.