Student Group FAQs

We're here to prepare you and your student for great winter fun!

  1. My child has never skied before will they be able to participate in the program?
    Of course! You will need to sign your child up for lessons and they will be placed in a group of skiers or snowboarders in the same ability range.
  2. My child does not have skis or snowboard equipment can they participate?
    Yes, you may rent equipment from Wachusett, (skis, snowboard, helmet, poles, skis/snowboard boots)
  3. Will my child take their rental equipment home?
    No your child must return rental equipment to rentals at the end of each session.
  4. What should my child wear?
    Your child should wear layers when skiing/snowboarding. Try to avoid cotton if possible because it does not dry quickly if wet. Warm socks (don't double up socks), snow pants, helmet and a winter jacket and  insulated gloves/mittens are important too! Please label all of your child’s items in case they are misplaced.
  5. How do I sign my child up for the program? 
    Speak with the coordinator of your child’s program. There is a transportation fee to pay your coordinator in order for you to receive the code to enter to purchase services.  If Wachusett provides the transportation , see your coordinator for the code and the bus fee will automatically be added to your cart.   Once you receive the code go to and enter the code provided.
  6. What is a Student EZ Ski Card?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The student EZ card has all your child's services on the chip inside it. This is used each week they are here with their school.  Have them ALWAYS carry their EZ Ski Card in a pocket by iteslf, away from electronics.  Also, please do not bring your EZ card when skiing/riding at another time, it will subtract a week from your school program.
  7. Will my child be skiing without adult supervision if not required to take lessons?
    Most schools have a buddy system, so they are with someone and not alone.  For every 10 students participating in the program Wachusett requires one chaperone to supervise and assist students in that program.
  8. Can my student make up a day if they miss a session?
    If your student is absent from a session they will receive a $20 transferable voucher towards a lift ticket to visit another time during the current season. If the program day is cancelled by the coordinator Wachusett will reschedule the group for a later date.
  9. What happens if my child loses his lift badge?
    Most coordinators collect lift badges at the end of each session and hand them out prior to each session, remind your child of this. If you child misplaces a lift badge we will be able to replace it for a small fee of $15.
  10. My child can no longer participate in the program because of a scheduling conflict, injury or other reason, how can I get a refund?
    We suggest purchasing pass insurance due to unforeseen circumstances such as mentioned above. If pass insurance is purchased a full refund or partial refund will be awarded. If insurance is not purchased at the time of the purchase you'll recieve a COW Card Credit (Gift card) as your refund.  All  requests must be in writing along with your child's name, name of school and reason for pulling out along with the students badge or pass. If an injury or illness we'll need a doctor's note stating the date of the injury.

 If there are any other questions please don’t hesitate to call us.  978-464-2300 x3550