School Groups


Wachusett invites youth in your community to have more fun this winter…
by participating in our student ski or snowboard program!

Don’t miss the excellent chance for your child to enjoy the outdoors for a fun, healthy activity in the winter months!  Our ski and snowboard programs are provided to schools, recreation departments and youth organizations (grades 3-12).  We offer student participants the opportunity to ski, snowboard, take lessons and rent equipment – all at a discounted rate!   Starting in January, students are transported for a designated day each week for 6 sessions (our most popular program).  The selected day is designated by the Program Coordinator.   If a student wishes to ski more than 6 sessions, we also offer discounted season passes for those participating in the program.  Ski and snowboard equipment is available to rent for students during these sessions.

Throughout the 6 week session students of all abilities will have the chance to improve their skiing or snowboarding.  Wachusett does require beginners and novices to participate in group lessons to ensure their comfort and safety on the mountain.  This program is an excellent opportunity for first-timers to learn a new sport with friends from their community!  More advanced skiers and riders are encouraged to take lessons, as well, to brush up on their skills.  Contact your program coordinator to find out how to sign your child up today!   Find out how to start a program at your school!

Limited quantities available.


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