Uphill Pass & Policy

2024/2025 Passses will be available this Fall.

Uphill Passes must be purchased online and can be picked up at any Ticket Window during operation hours or at the Customer Service desk weekdays 9:30am-5:30pm.

 Uphill Travel Guidelines

  • As soon as the lifts begin operation, which may sometimes occur early before the posted operating time without any advance notice – skinners and cross country skiers must cease uphill travel and transition to downhill skiing.
  • All uphill skiers shall go up looker’s left, skiers right. You must therefore have the equipment and skill necessary to head straight up the left side of the trail.
  • Zigzagging/switch‐backing across the trail should be avoided.
  • The snowmobiles use the RIGHT SIDE while traveling up and use the same route (left side looking downhill) on descent. They may vary from that so PLEASE be watching and listening for them.
  • Dogs must be on at least a 6’ leash at all times. Of course, it goes without saying that you must clean up after your dog. If this rule is not followed your dog will be told to stay home.
  • Wachusett has no obligation to allow skiers to use the ski trails prior to operation. This is a privilege that is not allowed at some resorts. Please do not take advantage of the generous policy. Persons that don’t follow rules could be ‘disinvited’ from the Ski Area.

Travel Routes

  • Sundowner and Indian Summer on the Monadnock Area
  • Conifer Connection on the Polar Express Area
  • Ralph’s Run on the Minuteman Express Area
Uphillmap Sleds